Mother’s Day marketing ideas for small businesses

Are you a small business looking for Mother’s day marketing ideas to help drive traffic to your site and generate boost in sales?

Ideas for Mother's Day marketing campaigns

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a significant retail event and while it’s not as big as Christmas, it’s still a great opportunity for your small business as it can help generate a boost for sales.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 31st March.

According to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, British shoppers will spend £1bn on Mother’s Day presents this year. This means there are a lot of potential customers out there looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift online.

This creates a wealth of opportunities for your business. If you’re not sure how to capitalise on Mother’s Day sales, keep on reading to get inspired.

Mother’s Day marketing ideas

So, how can your small business benefit from this big retail holiday and what you can do to drive up sales on Mother’s Day?

Here are some ideas to inspire your Mother’s Day marketing activities.

Create a Mother’s Day gift guide

Gift guides are a quick and simple marketing strategy that can help drive traffic to your website. A guide featuring Mother’s Day gift ideas is a perfect opportunity to showcase your products or services.

Besides making it easy for shoppers to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s an opportunity for your business to advertise your Mother’s Day related product.

Even if your small business doesn’t offer traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers or cards, you can still use a gift guide to promote your business. For example, if you run yoga classes your gift guide could target mums who love yoga. As well as gift cards or vouchers to the yoga classes offered by your business, your gift guide could include yoga-related items like mats or clothing.

To maximize your profit, you could link the items in your guide to your Amazon Associates account to earn a referral fee when someone buys a product via your link.

Apart from adding a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to your website, you could send your gift recommendations via email, create a post on Facebook or highlight your product suggestions via Instagram stories.

Add a Mother’s Day section to your website

A landing page dedicated to Mother’s Day will allow you to highlight your offers and products even if you don’t have an online shop. As well as a link to your Mother’s Day gift guide, this is where you can promote your gift cards, vouchers or list any special Mother’s Day offers (e.g. a free glass of Prosecco with any hair appointment on Mother’s Day)

If you run an e-commerce site, create a separate category with Mother’s Day gift ideas to help inspire shoppers. If you don’t sell a lot of products yet, just add a small section on your homepage highlighting a few products that you think mums might love.

Having a separate section on your website dedicated to gifts for mums can also benefit your business throughout the whole year, not only on Mother’s Day e.g. when shoppers are looking for birthday gifts for their mums.

Don’t forget to promote your Mother’s Day pages from your homepage, e.g. a banner that links to your Mother’s Day gift guide. Promote your landing page on your social media accounts too to generate more traffic for your site.

Tiffany's Mother's Day marketing ideas include a homepage banner dedicated to Mother's Day

If you have a physical shop, dedicating a section of it to Mother’s Day can help you up-sell your products or services. It doesn’t have to be big, a small area next to the till with a Mother’s Day sign, gift cards and a few nicely wrapped products should do the trick!

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Bundle products and services

Bundling your products or services is a great opportunity to increase your sales and revenue. Add a page to your website with Mother’s Day packages or offers that can be bought together. Making your products look more like gifts will increase their appeal to shoppers.

Even if you don’t sell products that could be bundled up, offering a complimentary product like a bottle of Prosecco with every Mother’s Day purchase can be a great incentive.

Mother’s Day giveaway

Giveaways or contests are great ways to build awareness of your brand and build up your social media followers. They encourage people to share your posts on their social media accounts creating more exposure for your business.

Offering one of your products or services as a prize is a great way to advertise it too. People who don’t win it may still end up buying it.

Try to design your giveaway around Mother’s Day and make it relevant to your business. If you run a restaurant – ask people about their favourite meal their mum cooks, if you’re a fashion-focused business ask your followers to post a photo of their Mum rocking an outfit from decades ago, as a photographer you could encourage people to share their favourite photo of their Mums.

Use Social Media

Use social media to help promote the Mother’s Day related pages on your website. Marketing your Mother’s Day offers and products is important and social media like Facebook and Twitter help you reach your potential customers.

Social media is all about visuals. Create eye-catching images to support your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns or even post funny quotes or jokes that will encourage people to share it across social media.

If your business has a lot of followers on social media, you could use it to build a stronger brand and strengthen the relationship with your customers. Ask your followers to share their favourite photo of their mums or the best beauty advice their mum gave them. Don’t forget to target mums too – you could ask about the best gift they’ve ever received.

If you’re out of ideas, even a simple post about the approaching Mother’s Day or promoting your gift cards will help your social media account to stay active.

Partner with other small businesses

Partnering with other businesses and cross-promoting your products and services is a great opportunity to increase advertising exposure.

Try finding other small business owners who might be interested in teaming up in order to boost sales and increase profit. Come up with an arrangement that mutualy benefits both of your businesses.

Teaming up with other small businesses not only helps you save on advertising costs, but it also helps drive customers to your local area and create a boost in sales.

Here are some ideas:

  • if you run a nail salon, ask a local hairdresser if they’ll be interested in a joint beauty package.
  • a flower shop could partner with a jeweler to recommend each other’s products or offer a discount if customers buy from both businesses
  • if you’re a bakery owner, try teaming up with your local beauty salon. You could offer cakes to customers who book appointments on Mother’s Day to make their day extra special.

Don’t forget to promote each other’s products and services on social media and on your website.


I hope the above ideas will inspire your Mother’s Day marketing activities and help you drive more traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to ensure your newly added Mother’s Day content looks good on mobile devices too.

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